Hi, I'm Siddhit.

Hi, I'm Siddhit. Welcome! I built this website to learn web development and to share my professional and personal interests.


I am fascinated by technology that improves the offline, physical and built worlds and seek opportunities to build products and teams in those spaces. I've worked in the manufacturing, jewelry, automotive and real estate industries and think software and automation can greatly improve how they operate and produce.

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I am currently Product Manager at Fyusion, a startup increasing trust and transparency in the physical products trading space with superpowered 3D imaging enabled by AI technology. Fyusion was acquired by Cox Automotive in 2021. As a result, this currently includes deploying the technology in condition reporting of used cars in wholesale markets but a lot more value can be added all along the value chain and I'm excited to be a part of it.

By training, I'm an industrial engineer (Virginia Tech, go Hokies!) and started my career in the US in manufacturing. I learned about vast, complex projects building production lines at Ford Motor Company as an assembly engineer and after a project automating some assembly documents, my interest in code led me to Ford's analytics division as a data engineer and product owner creating and managing big data products from factory applications. Around the same time I participated in an internal Design Thinking workshop aimed at 'intrapreneurship' and with my friend, we proposed a solution to digitize on-site production line readiness tasks. Our team led the end-to-end development of a web-app MVP which we successfully tested at a Mustang production line launch in an Agile fashion and was taken over by the wider company IT team. This made me think more about product management as a primary role.

After my 6 year stint at Ford, I joined Pashi, a Y Combinator startup that made SaaS for factory management and where I learned how to work at small, early stage companies and learned crucial PM skills like being the voice of customer, gathering product requirements and pain points, ideating them into mockups for features, copywriting, bug testing, and a lot of product marketing.

When not being a PM, I help my wife build her home-decor & remodelling business, studio dharaesque with copywriting and operational matters, and taking (not enough) photos.


I love reading and writing. Here are the books I like. To learn how to write better and most importantly, to edit, I started a blog here

Other hobbies include clay sculpting, gardening and coding. Hopefully I can share more on that later.


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